Sips or Structurally Insulated Panels, are a Modern Building Material combining the inherent strength of Composite timber based Structures with a high level of Insulation, as an Off-Site Manufactured product delivered to site in kit form, it is a renewable Modern Building Method. PUR (Polyurethane)Insulation is used to Manufacture SIPs, which range from 100mm to 250mm thick.

Sips are incredibly strong, up to 5 times stronger than Timber Frame and add 5% floor area compared to traditional building system and 25% quicker to erect. In addition, they provide the key to achieving the high levels of Insulation and Air Tightness required by the changes in Part L Building Regulations, which call for, amongst other things, a 25% – 44% improvement in a building’s Target Emission Rate (compared to 2006 Regulations), with further revisions planned, to achieve Zero Carbon by 2016.

2006 Regulations required a minimum U-Value for Walls of 0.35w/m2k, it is therefore, easy to see that the Building Fabric content of 2010 Regulations implies a U-Value of 0.26w/m2k – 0.19w/m2k to be ‘on target’. Sips not only achieve or exceed this, they do so whilst reducing / eliminating Cold Spots and Shrinkage, the most common Failures in:

  • Low levels of waste
  • Rapid Off-site manufacture
  • High levels of Thermal Performance
  • Meets 2016 Building Standards
  • Reduced construction costs
  • SIPs can be used to build just about anything
  • Much faster construction time
  • Improved Insulation
  • Improved Air Tightness
  • Reduced Shrinkage
  • Reduced Cold Bridging
  • Reduced Cold Spots
  • Reduced Heat Loss and:
  • Improve Energy Efficiency

Thickness: 100 125 150 175 200
U-Value: 0.27 0.21 0.17 0.14 0.12